Video Gallery One

TV2 All That We Share

This is a powerful short video from TV 2 Denmark that reminds us how damaging it is to practice siloism and, we have much more in common with other people than we think.  Now more than ever it is time to remove labels and stop putting others in boxes. Removing labels and recognising that everyone has something to share and gifts to give is central to ABCDE methodology.

The World Kitchen

The World Kitchen is a food performance venue that hosts food demonstrations from the serious to the spurious, a cut-throat Iron Chef competition and a Long Table Lunch. The World Kitchen is an excellent platform for community members from varying cultural traditions to share their culture through food and stories. The WK is a very flexible concept it can fit into a range of different settings/events/situations. The core idea of it is to celebrate and connect people and their stories from all around the World through the simple act of cooking and or eating together.

ABCD in 3 minutes and strategic neighbouring

This video looks at the role ABCD can play in bridging socio-economic divides at the neighbourhood level. Analysing needs is a great way to divide people.  Valuing people’s strengths and gifts is a great way to bring people together.

Mike Green on ABCD in Action

In this short video, Mike Green, author of ‘When People Care Enough to Act’ talks about the fundamental exercise of ABCD – relationship building.  Relationship building becomes central to three core activities of good ABCD practice – paying attention to assets, listening to and learning what it is that people care about and encouraging agencies that a skilful in tapping into this information and following the lead of citizens.

ABCD in Action

This brief video is the introduction to ABCD IN ACTION (originally a DVD) from Mike Green and Henry Moore that talks about the five fundamental steps to initiating ABCD in any community.  This video also briefly examines the negative impacts of viewing citizens as clients.

Angela Blanchard

Angela Blanchard is recognized for her pioneering work in asset-based community development that focuses on the human, social and cultural strengths of vulnerable populations. Blanchard is the President and CEO of Houston-based Neighborhood Centers Inc., one of the top 1% of U.S.-based charitable groups that serves 525,000 clients annually through 60 facilities in the Houston and Gulf Coast regions. In this TED talk, Angela delves into the profound benefits of coming from an assets based approach to strengthen communities.

An Overview of Richland Together Let’s Connect

This video gives a comprehensive overview of how Richland County practically implemented their ABCD initiative.

ABCD in the Philippines

The inspiring and thought provoking story of a community in the Philippines that sent back the money for their water project when they decided they could raise the money themselves. This video explores the concept of Asset Based Community Development, which emphasises the strengths and existing assets of communities rather than the needs.

Sharing knowledge and donuts – Community asset mapping (Liz Hannum)

A great overview of the practicalities of asset mapping that can be applied to any context.

Participatory Community Asset Mapping: Meet the August Town Community Mapping Team

This is a great example of a visual presentation of community asset mapping and vision sharing.

Cormac Russell Talks Asset Based Community Development
Truly Sustainable Economic Development: Ernesto Sirolli at TEDxEQChCh

Ernesto Sirolli got his start doing aid work in Africa in the 70’s — and quickly realised how ineffective it was. In this funny, challenging and passionate talk, Ernesto shares his deep insights into sustainable economic development, and how entrepreneurs can be truly supported to live their passions. This talk also highlights the simple fact that the wisdom of the community always exceeds the knowledge of the experts.  Ernesto also gives some very useful advice on facilitating initiatives at the community level.

Take a Street and Build a Community: Shani Graham at TEDxPerth

How well do you know your neighbours? Suburban life is often isolating and rarely a true community experience. This is not the case in Hulbert Street. Shani Graham shares her experience of connecting the residents of Hulbert Street to share and build upon their assets.

Inviting Neighbors to Participate in Community

This is a brief and useful video that gives examples of five simple questions to ask residents to learn about the individual and their neighbourhood. The emphasis is that learning and building trust go hand in hand.