Useful Videos

Video Gallery One

* TV2 All That We Share
* The World Kitchen
* ABCD in 3 minutes and strategic neighbouring
* Mike Green on ABCD in Action
* ABCD in Action
* Angela Blanchard
* An Overview of Richland Together Let’s Connect
* ABCD in the Philippines
* Sharing knowledge and donuts – Community asset mapping (Liz Hannum)
* Participatory Community Asset Mapping: Meet the August Town Community Mapping Team
* Cormac Russell Talks Asset Based Community Development
* Truly Sustainable Economic Development: Ernesto Sirolli at TEDxEQChCh
* Take a Street and Build a Community: Shani Graham at TEDxPerth
* Inviting Neighbors to Participate in Community

Video Gallery Two

*10 Ways To Have a Better Conversation
* VANessas Journey
* ABCD Anmination
*No More Throw Away People
*Strangers are Friends
*The Fairy Trail
*Rebooting Democracy
*Do You Keep Secrets
*Sacred Seeds
*Ken Diehm

TED Talks Video Gallery Two

*Shani Graham
*Celeste Headlee
*Robert Waldinger
*Ron Finley
*DeAmon Harges
*Pam Warhurst
*Ken Robinson
*Ernesto Sirolli
*Angela Blanchard
*Cormac Russell