Practical ABCDE Tools Index

Community Building Tools and Information

  • 20 Clues to Creating and Maintaining a Vibrant Community
  • 28 Useful Tips for Recruiting Volunteers
  • 45 Ways to Recognise Volunteers
  • 83 Ways to Retain Volunteers
  • 137 Community Projects that Build Social Capital
  • 158 Things I Can Do to Build Social Capital
  • Community Building Principles and Action Steps (The ABCD Institute, Northwestern University)
  • Guiding Principles for Community Development Nova Scotia
  • Healthy Community Checklists
  • Mansfield Community Development Charter
  • The Partnership Continuum
  • Tips for Maintaining Community Involvement and Interest

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Community Building Conversation and Facilitation Tools

  • Conducting Effective Community Meetings
  • Conversation Café
  • Creating a Community Road Map
  • A Guide for Hosting Community Conversations (BC Healthy Communities)
  • Hosting a World Café
  • Important Points for Facilitators

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ABCDE Mapping Tools

  • A Basic Guide to ABCD Community Organizing (The ABCD Institute, Northwestern University)
  • A Guide to Creating a Neighbourhood Information Exchange: Building Communities by Connecting Local Skills and Knowledge (The ABCD Institute, Northwestern University)
  • BAND Handbook
  • CCAMP Systems Handbook
  • Community Asset Mapping Workbook (Community Outreach of Our United Villages)
  • Community Mapping Toolkit (Preston City Council)
  • Making Headway Toolkit
  • Mapping Community Assets Workbook (The ABCD Institute, Northwestern University)
  • Neighboring Toolkit: A Guide to Implementing Neighboring and Its Asset-Based Community Development Principles (LISC Institute)
  • Participatory Asset Mapping Toolkit (Healthy Communities and Community Research Lab)
  • Asset Mapping Templates
  • Community Skills and Passions Audit (Head, Hands Heart)
  • Lord Howe Island Skills and Passion Audit
  • Stepping Stones Caravan Park Project Resident Survey
  • Willagee Surveys

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