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City of Onkaparinga Community Workshops

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Onkapringa City Council held workshops in two areas within their municipality, Woodcroft and Aldinga, on 11 and 12 April. They chose Learning Sites Guides, Evi van der Niet and Irene Opper to design and facilitate the workshops. Community enthusiasts were invited – active community members, people working in community organisations and interested high school students. The workshops aimed to inspire and activate people to create strong communities.

We shared inspiring stories about what can be done – Irene shared about her Street by Street Project, where people are helped to connect with their neighbours and develop a sense of community and Evi shared about her Pop Up Kitchen, which gave disadvantaged young people skills and hope for the future. Other great projects were also shared.

We had a play with a few asset mapping tools – the Communi-tree and interviewing and by doing this, we identified the many assets of those communities. The exercise ‘We Can’ showed participants that there are so many skills and areas of knowledge that we have amongst us, available if we connect and share.

In smaller groups, participants did some planning around an issue they cared about. Participants shared the range of connections they made during the workshop and how they might help one another going forward. We hope that participants left feeling inspired, with some new tools and ideas, more connections and with an intention to make more happen in the community – the show of hands at the end of each session asking about those specific outcomes indicated that they did.

  • : Irene Opper and Evi van der Niet

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