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1000 Voices project: Mernda (City of Whittlesea)

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Mernda is a suburb that part of the City of Whittlesea. It is a new growth area located north east of Melbourne city and is the location of the 1000 Voices ABCDE Learning Site Project. Mernda is located in beautiful red river gum surrounds and is home to a varied population demographic. The town has a mix of both younger and older famers. Over the past 7-8 years, the area has also become increasingly multicultural.
The assets of the town include the schools, community centres and some very beautiful open spaces. The people of the town are also an amazing asset with their strong passion for building community. The main goal of this Learning Site is to provide the opportunity for people to come together and create the community they want to live in through action and connection. Within this goal this Learning Site hopes to provide a dozen community volunteers with the opportunity to meet every two weeks to grow their leadership and mentoring skills through a series of workshops.

1000 Voices Project
The 1000 Voices Project is an initiative that works with the local community utilising a local community centre as its base. The project started from within the Jindi Family and Community Centre in Mernda with the idea to connect the users of the community space such as the families that use the Kindergarten located in the centre in a comfortable space with other people in the community such as sporting and religious groups.

The Project has created a post card, which asks residents to share what their hopes are for the community, what needs to happen for their hopes to be achieved and how the resident could help make this happen.

The next step of this Project will take place June 2017 with an Innovation Lab. The Innovation Lab will allow people to connect together in “action plan groups” around what is most important to them in their community and how they can work together to achieve it. Additionally, the project hopes to organise leadership training to help create mentors for each action plan group.

  • : Maria D'Souza, Bank of I.D.E.A.S.

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